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It has been proud of the recent advancement of the architecture of this land, and in this regard, no effort has been made to attract the expert and efficient forces, as well as to take advantage of the know-how of the design and implementation of architectural ...

The result of the effort and cooperation, the design and implementation of more than 85 residential, administrative, commercial, religious and sports projects in the classical and modern style.

We hope that in this critical and sensitive way, we can take steps to take advantage of existing opportunities and act in our historic role ...

Hamid Mobin Moghadam

Hamid Mobin Moghadam

Managing Director and Designer
Born 1350
Master of Architecture
University of Elm o Sanat

Hosein Sharafshahi Mobarra

Administration Manager
Born 1356
Civil Engineering
University of Tehran

Unit 3 - No.20 - Tir Alley - Mahmoudiyeh Ave - Park way -     Tehran, Iran